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We are proud to feature Matt Gingell who is a specialist Employment Lawyer with over 20 years as an employment law Solicitor. To support our clients navigate the employment law landscape you can have access to the best Employment Law resources. You can also access important workplace HR Guides resources by clicking the icon below. 


In the videos below Matt also covers the law surrounding workplace topics such as Mental Health, Employment contracts, Working from Home, Job Support Scheme and Redundancy. 



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Redundancies in conjunction with the furlough scheme

In the last few weeks, across the news there have been an increase in stories regarding redundancies amongst large employers. Read More.

Whilst it is not within our remit to advise on self-employed people rather than employees, we have been asked about sick pay for self-employed. We can now report that:- The House of Commons Public Bill Committee has proposed an amendment to the Coronavirus Bill. Read more

Corona Virus - What should employer do now?

The advice given below is a summary of the current advice published by the UK Government on the 25th February. The full advice (which may change) can be found here. Read more

What is IR35? First introduced in 2000, IR35 is a piece of tax legislation designed to reduce tax avoidance by contractors who HMRC believe to be “disguised employees” – people who work in a similar way to full-time employees but bill for their services via their. Read more

Corona Virus Job Retention Sheme

Any large or small employer can apply to put workers on temporary leave or “furloughed” status.

The government will then pay them cash grants of 80 per cent of their wages up to a cap of £2,500, providing they keep the worker employed. Read more

What is Furlough Leave?

The Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak, has introduced new terms into the Coronavirus discussion – Furlough leave and furloughed employees. They are Americanisms which don’t mean yet anything in the UK, he could just as easily have used the terms “gone home leave” or “gone home employees”. Read more

What is the government’s Good Work Plan? The Governments Good Work Plan is a set of proposals based on a 2018 consultation at the heart of which is recognition that businesses need to do more in terms of offering flexible working options to their employees. The. Read more

Tips for provoking good wellbeing in high stress situations

At times of high work stress expectations of self and others increase. Not just volumes of work, but complexity, the need to rapidly learn new processes, be creative, remain appropriately emotionally responsive. Read more

Frequently Asked Questions + Resources on COVID-19

The team at CnosulticianHR is continuously monitoring new COVID-19 information by the hour. We understand that this is a difficult time for you, your employees, and this country, but you are not alone. ConsulticianHR has assembled a task-force to address the many employment-related issues facing employers in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Read more

An appraisal meeting should be supportive, motivational and engaging. It’s an opportunity for both you as a manager, and your employee to sit down and really discuss their performance in an open and honest way. It’s also an opportunity to set goals to support the. Read more


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